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Alice in Chains is a Seattle rock band that formed in 1987 by guitarist Jerry Cantrell and drummer Sean Kinney. 

The band is often associated with grunge music, but they’ve successfully incorporated heavy metal elements into their band to form something unique, intense, and enduring. They are likely best known for their vocal style which uses the harmonized vocals between bandmates Cantrell and Staley (later Cantrell and Duvall). This makes them a rare two-vocal band, which is part of their distinctive style.

The Grunge Movement

As mentioned, the band formed in the late 80s, so they were a part of the 1990s Grunge movement. They, and other Seattle bands including Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden were popular at the time, especially since their style of music was something that had never been heard before across the world. And Alice in Chains rode this wave of success to international fame. In fact, the band found fast success during this era with their albums: Facelift (1990), Dirt (1992), Alice in Chains (1995), as well as the EP Jar of Flies (1994).

HIatus and Rebirth

Although the band never disbanded, they did take an extended hiatus from 1996 due to Staley’s substance abuse. This would later lead to Staley’s death in 2002, which caused Alice in Chains to halt performances for a few years. 

But they later regrouped in 2006 with DuVall taking over as lead vocalist. They’ve since gone on to release three more albums.

To date, Alice in Chains have sold over 30 million records worldwide, with 14 million of those sales in the US alone. The band ahs had 18 Top 10 songs on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks charts as well as five #1 hits.

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