Alice in Chains & Breaking Benjamin at Ak-Chin Pavilion

Alice in Chains & Breaking Benjamin at Ak-Chin Pavilion Tickets

Ak-Chin Pavilion | Phoenix, Arizona

Alice in Chains & Breaking Benjamin are both well known metal acts, both for different reasons, but equally epic in their own way. Expect multiple other special guests and an evening to blow your head off with some of the most insane live music you'll have ever witnessed! Alice in chains is on of the most iconic acts to perform live and never lets the crowd down! The 4 decade spanning career with sell out dates across generations speaks volumes and you have to see it to believe it! The bands join forces in succession at the well known and highly rated Ak-Chin Pavilion of Phoenix, AZ on Saturday 10th September 2022. To get tickets to this highly sought after event, you can order straight away from this page, simply look for the 'get tickets' button to secure yours now! But hurry, blink and you'll miss em'!

Alice in Chains & Breaking Benjamin at Alice in Chains Concert Tickets

Metal and grunge fans consider Alice in chains as one of the greatest in the genre of all time, they're for sure up there with all the greats and are continuing to succeed in what would've been the distance all those years ago when they modestly began! Going right back to basics on this tour as they celebrate 30 years of their famous album "Dirt" the quadruplet band will play some of the famous and internationally known hits from the iconic record….you'll remember "Them bones", "Down a hole" and "Junkhead" but equally you'll be topped up with those modern hits! Both new and old fans love the timeless classics and this will be the opportunity to get amongst the crowd and feel that music once more, there really isn't anything like seeing these guys live!

Alice in chains had major success in the 90s but sadly lost their lead singer in 2002, the band gradually rebirthed and pay homage to their lost brother, continuing on the voyage he is no longer able to join. The band has seen its ups and downs but after a 4 decade career, the drive is now stronger than ever before as they power through the states and beyond on this exciting tour for 2022 / 2023!

The guys will be joined by special guests and the famous act Breaking Benjamin, an apt line up for the metal fans and a real prospective night for all attending on Saturday 10th September 2022. Alice in chains heads to Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix, AZ for the night, with tickets available on general release. It's important to buy as promptly as possible! Don't miss your chance, simply click on the 'get tickets' link now to order some today!

Alice in Chains & Breaking Benjamin at Alice in Chains Concert Tickets

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