Alice in Chains & Breaking Benjamin at Walmart AMP

Alice in Chains & Breaking Benjamin at Walmart AMP Tickets

Walmart AMP | Rogers, Arkansas

Rock royalty, Alice in chains are on tour for this autumn, joined by the iconic Breaking Benjamin and other artists, Tuesday 20th September 2022 will be one you'll never be ready to leave….the atmosphere will be nothing short of euphoric…..metal mayhem if you will!

After selling over Thirty million albums the world over, AIC are up there with the rock icons, they've scooped 18 top tens on the US billboard and a whopping FIVE number ones…a house hold name, these guys have been doing it forever…….way back in the 90s they were one of the biggest metal bands on the planet and now is your chance to join in with those insane vibes at Walmart AMP…..just follow the 'get tickets' link now to secure your entry, you CANNOT miss this!

Alice in Chains & Breaking Benjamin at Alice in Chains Concert Tickets

Alice in chains, often referred to as AIC are the OG metal band, after teaming up in 1987 these rockers haven't looked back! They became one of the biggest on the scene in the 90s, with countless platinum and smash hit records, topping charts around the world, the iconic boys are back in town This September, see Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, Mike Inez and William DuVall like you've never seen them before, from an immense crowd of fans, old and new……Tuesday 20th September 2022 is a night you wont be forgetting in a hurry!

Alice in chains burst onto the world stage and flooded the grunge movement in the 90s, after a decade long break and sadly loosing lead singer Layne, the guys ended their time out with a bang….Creating three more hit albums, a series of tours and an abundance of legendary material. These guys are timeless and continue to give the masses music for their souls. If you've not have the total PLEASURE of witnessing them live, head down to Walmart AMP, Rogers, AR this Autumn for the night of your life! AIC will be joined by the famous 'Breaking Benjamin' and other artists, a set big enough to send the crowd into total euphoria, you can't get better than this for a selection of metal GODS!

Book your tickets right away, time is running out and ALICE IN CHAINS have sold out shows more often than not! All you need to do is, navigate towards the 'get tickets' button to go straight to the booking form, grab yours today, don't miss this wild opportunity, you'll be sure to regret it!

Alice in Chains & Breaking Benjamin at Alice in Chains Concert Tickets

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