Guns N’ Roses & Alice In Chains at BC Place Stadium

Guns N' Roses & Alice In Chains at BC Place Stadium Tickets

BC Place Stadium | Vancouver, British Columbia

Guns N' Roses & Alice In Chains at BC Place Stadium

BRACE YO'SELVES, rocker pals! Get ready for an absolute CONCERT EXPLOSION! We're talkin' a mind-blowing, ear-ringing, ROCK OUT tour that's gonna shake BC Place Stadium in Vancouver on October 16, 2023! An epic FACE-MELTER indeed!

You guessed it, it's the gnarly Guns N' Roses, teamed up with the heart-throbbing Alice In Chains, ready to set FIRE to the stage and our hearts. Hold up, got your TICKET yet? This ain't no ordinary gig, compadres, its a massive thunderclap of legendary anthems, guitar riffs, and insane energy! This ain't jus' a CONCERT, it's the TOUR of the century, man!

Prepare to experience Slash's devilish fretwork LIVE as it rips through "Sweet Child o' Mine". Layne Staley's gritty vocals in "Man In The Box" will surely bring the house down! They might be dusting off some deep cuts too, so bet it ain't gonna be just a greatest hits gig.

So, get those denims on, pull out those band tees, dust 'em off and get geared up – 'cause this right here? THIS IS ROCK 'N ROLL! Score your tickets pronto, you seriously don't want to miss this one. It's TIME TO BLOW YOUR MINDS, guys n' gals! Rock on!

Posted up in your crib, bored as sin, starved for real rock'n'roll? Don't flip your wig, dude. An absolute banger is skidding into town, hot as hellfire! Guns N' Roses & Alice in Chains are straight rippin' it up at BC Place Stadium, Vancouver, on the 16th of October, 2023. Emblazon that date on your brainpan 'cause this rock face-off is about to shred the fabric of sound itself. TICKETS? Grab 'em before they vanish!

Guns N' Roses, the full-tilt masters of rock. The godfathers who sliced open the gut of the 80s and 90s with a sonic roar that still echoes down the hall of fame. Their tours are legendary, earth-shattering spectacles that have shattered eardrums and left millions breathless worldwide. Their music? An epic onslaught of raw power and passion. Pure adrenaline! "Appetite for Destruction", "November Rain", “Sweet Child o' Mine'', are you even ready for this?

Then there’s Alice in Chains. The grunge era giants, remembered for hits like "Man In The Box", "Rooster", and "Would?". Their concerts? More like surreal swirls of melancholic melody and hard-rocking riffs that tug at the heartstrings while they kick you in the guts. Winners of multiple music awards, they've woven their darkly beautiful tunes into the DNA of music history. Brooding. Powerful. Transcendent. This TOUR is set to SEAL that LEGACY!

And the venue? BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, smack-dab in the heart of British Columbia. Boasting Canada's largest cable-supported retractable roof, this beast of a place has set the scene for uncountable legendary performances. The acoustics? Angels have wept. And the seating? On point, ensuring every hardcore fan can eyeball their rock gods up close and personal. Plus, major bragging rights.

With a capacity of 54,000, the vibes at BC Place Stadium are ELECTRIC. Be part of the thunderous, palpable energy; the eardrum-rattling, ground-shaking, bone-quivering symphony of rock! It's more than a concert. It's an Experience. History-in-the-making kind of stuff.

Don't toe the line, rock fans. Score your ticket today and stake your claim to one of the most kickass memories you'll ever make. Because life's too short for missed concerts. Trust us; this is one tour you'd be nuts to miss. Ready to ride the lightning? It's your move, dude. BOOK THOSE TICKETS now. And remember - keep on rockin' in the free world.

Guns N' Roses & Alice In Chains at BC Place Stadium at BC Place Stadium

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